Air Conditioning System Inspections

Benefits of an infrared air-conditioning and refrigeration inspection :

  • Reducing energy consumption.
  • Improve comfort conditions & air quality
  • Extending equipment life
  • Minimize operating problems (Increasing reliability and performance)
  • Improving indoor air quality.

We are will determine if your air conditioning or refrigeration compressor units are grossly malfunctioning or have damaged or blocked coils (leading to decreased efficiency, thus increasing utilities costs and greatly decreasing equipment life in the process.)

We can also identify air leaks at air conditioning system duct work, door and window weather seal, ventilation systems, condensation problems and leaks or water intrusion which can cause moisture damage and also lead to increased utility costs, reduced efficiency and decreased equipment life in the process.

For more questions about Infrared Air Conditioning and Refrigeration inspections, please contact us here or call 808-640-1566.

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Why infrared thermography?

Speed and accuracy. Thermographers can survey entire building exteriors, walls, ceilings, and other large surfaces quickly and precisely to locate areas of energy loss.

Our non-intrusive infrared cameras are the most sophisticated in the state and designed to save you time, money, labor and resources.