Commercial Real Estate Transaction Inspections

We scan:

  • Building envelope looking for missing or misplaced insulation, air infiltration or exfiltration, and insufficient door or window weather-seals.
  • Appliances to look for excessive heat build up during operation, condensation or leakage around refrigerator or freezer door seals, and we can even trace hot water lines in slabs, walls and ceilings. We can locate and trace dryer and other venting systems as well.
  • Air conditioning systems, all compressors, all coils, the air handler units, the duct work and registers, and the condensate drain line systems. We can detect duct leakage, condensate drain line insulation deficiencies, and a host of other conditions not detectable to the naked eye.

For questions about Commercial Real Estate Transaction inspections, please contact us here or call 808-640-1566.

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Why infrared thermography?

Speed and accuracy. Thermographers can survey entire building exteriors, walls, ceilings, and other large surfaces quickly and precisely to locate areas of energy loss.

Our non-intrusive infrared cameras are the most sophisticated in the state and designed to save you time, money, labor and resources.