Electrical System Inspections

Cut electricity costs and boost energy efficiency.

Infrared electrical inspections quickly and accurately pinpoint hot spots in electrical systems.

We’ll help you reduce maintenance time and increase safety while reducing unscheduled outages and losses.

In electrical systems, excessive heat is a sign of emerging problems. High temperatures indicate excessive electrical resistance, loose or corroded connections, failing components, ground faults, short circuits or other common problems in electric equipment that can lead to expensive or even catastrophic failures.

Trying to find these emerging conditions with visual and manual inspections is a costly, time-consuming process that may not locate the underlying problems.

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Why infrared thermography?

Speed and accuracy. Thermographers can survey entire building exteriors, walls, ceilings, and other large surfaces quickly and precisely to locate areas of energy loss.

Our non-intrusive infrared cameras are the most sophisticated in the state and designed to save you time, money, labor and resources.