Energy Evaluation Services

"Build tight and ventilate right."

Thermal imaging provides one of the only ways to accurately determine whether or not the efforts taken are successful in making a house more energy efficient.

When heating or air conditioning your home or office, air leaks become very expensive.
Even small gaps in your home’s building envelope can allow significant amounts of conditioned air to escape (exfiltration).

Our thermal imaging energy evaluation services quickly and accurately Identifies air leaks at air conditioning system duct work, door and window weather seal, ventilation systems, condensation problems and missing or misplaced insulation in new or existing buildings.

We also have the ability to perform whole house pressurization and depressurization "blower door tests" and duct blaster tests to quantify air leakage and aid in discovering and correcting building envelope leakage, and insulation concerns without costly invasive or destructive testing.

We are certified Home Energy Raters Through the Residential Energy Services Network and we are Energy Star Partner Home Energy Raters.

About Energy Rates in Hawaii

Heating, ventilation, air conditioning costs are the highest in the nation right here in Hawaii and they will continue to rise in the coming years.

In Hawaii county, our electricity rates are the highest in the nation by 30% with current residential rates at 30-45 cents a KWH our utility rates are 4 times higher than the national average.

Why infrared thermography?

Speed and accuracy. Thermographers can survey entire building exteriors, walls, ceilings, and other large surfaces quickly and precisely to locate areas of energy loss.

Our non-intrusive infrared cameras are the most sophisticated in the state and designed to save you time, money, labor and resources.